Wacky Waves GO

Work on Wacky Waves has not stopped. Even though I haven’t updated this log in quite some time! But lately I’ve decided to focus my attention on a smaller sideproject called Wacky Waves GO. This is an endless runner set in the Wacky Waves «world» targeted at mobiles. I’ve got an early version running on iPhone hitting a constant 60FPS. It’s silky smooth which I think is inportant for this kind of games. Here’s an early look:

More game media

I’ve been working on one of the “Arenas” in the game lately, Shackles Bay. This is Chuck’s home, and will be dark and “Ghost-pirate-y” The above image is a render of the arena’s current state which is in no way final. Alot more structures will be added, like smaller buildings, and docks etc. 

Above is a render of the whole crew as of now, and what is the current look of Digger Dan’s ship. The characters are(from left to right): Thunder Theresa, Digger Dan, Wacky Wallace, Crazy Chris, Majestic Mack and Chuck Shackles. 

Pirates dance-off

The Captains/Pirates are comming together. At least 6 playable is planned, byt might become more! What do you think?